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Open Voice #06: Health & Care

The sixt Open Voice event was all about voice initiatives related to Health & Care.
The following speakers presented:

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    Maarten den Braber

    As founder of Nexthealth, a strategy & research company at the intersection of technology and health, Maarten gave a brief introduction to voice in the healthcare.

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    Maarten Geraets

    Maarten Geraets shared how Philips started out with Voice several years ago, what they learned along the way and how they apply voice now.

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    Jeroen Vonk

    Jeroen Vonk showed how using voice to make information more accessible to older adults. In a demo he showed how voice can be used to answer questions on pensions.

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    Jelle Hylarides

    Jelle Hylarides shared how he uses voice to improve the quality of life of his mother with Alzheimer in a way that might help people in a similar situation as well.

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    Tony Chang

    Tony Chang from M Ventures shared a very intresting story about voice biomarkers and how they can be applied.

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    Emma Heitbrink

    Emma Heitbrink shared learnings from the usability sessions she did for companies - like Albert Heijn and - for blind and vision impaired people.

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