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Open Voice #05: Integrated Voice

The fifth Open Voice event was all about voice as integrated part of the things around us. The following speakers presented:

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    Guido Jongen

    Guido is Sales Director Benelux for Nuance, one of the long time voice companies. He shared his vision for how voice will be an increasingly dominant interface for the things we use on an everyday basis.

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    Roderick de Rode

    Roderick is founder and CEO of Spinn, a connected coffee machine which self orders new coffee from an online e-commerce platform. Voice is one of the ways users can track their orders and interact with the Spinn services. He shares how voice is part of the hardware business from first hand experience.

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    Eric Bezzam

    Eric is Signal Processing Scientist for Snips, an Private by design voice platform. He shared his view on how voice develops as an important interface, and asked some ethical questions about what this new platform means for the privacy of consumers.

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