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Open Voice #04: Deep Voice

The fourth Open Voice event was all about what lies beneath beyond the beginner level of Voice UIs. The following speakers presented:

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    Maarten van de Koevering

    Maarten is a business development manager for ReadSpeaker, one of the leading voice companies. He likes to help companies to create a text-to-speech voice that perfectly fits with their brand identity. His talk is all about 3rd party voices and what they entail.

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    Ellen Kok

    Ellen Kok is a visually impaired. She helps people with a handicap, disease or a trauma to return to their job through her own company Phoenix Reintegration. At Open Voice, Ellen shared how she experiences a 'voice only' world.

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    Tijmen Schep

    Tijmen Schep is a technology critic and privacy designer who helps citizens, designers and policymakers understand new chances and challenges in our data-driven society.

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    Sophie Kleber

    Sophie Kleber is the executive creative director at Huge, where she creates future-forward user experiences to help transform businesses and shape the way we use technology. Her talk was all about whether it is possible to create the ideal voice for VUIs.

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