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Open Voice #03: Going Dutch

The third Open Voice event was all about the launch of smart assistants in The Netherlands. The following speakers presented:

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    Joeri Nortier

    Joeri (BNR) shares why voice is such a natural match for BNR, what they did so far and how they plan to continue in the future.

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    Timo Snoek

    Timo (PostNL) leads the development of one of the launching actions. He shares how they approached voice, and how it fits in the bigger picture for PostNL.

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    Stijn Verhoeven

    Stijn (Albert Heijn Online) did the conversational design of one of the largest retailers in The Netherlands. What are the lessons we can learn from them, and what does the roadmap look like for this household name?

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    Vera Holland

    Vera (KRO-NCRV) shared a different approach on building voice services. While arguably the most elegant user experience when it comes to the voice (all voices are pre-recorded), what can we learn from this approach? She shares the ups and downs of the process.

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    Finbar Hage
    Daan Gönning

    Daan and Finbar (Rabobank) worked alongside Google on the financial skill. What can you expect when you are a large (financial) corporate and you want to be cutting edge? Their story illustrates how it's possible to innovate in traditional environment.

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    Tim van de Rijdt

    Tim (Google) joined 9 years ago from a market research startup, and has held various positions ranging from SMB advertiser acquisition and Google brand marketing, to product marketing for Maps and Search. He is looking forward to launching Google Home later this year (yes, before Christmas 2018).

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