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Open Voice #02: Getting started

The second Open Voice event was all about getting started. The following speakers presented:

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    Vanja Mlaco

    Vanja (Transavia) shares how Transavia approaches voice, why they are early to experiment and how voice is a promising channel for the airline.

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    Murat Ozmerd

    As Dutch entrepreneur, Murat ( is taking the conversational world by storm. He was courageous enough to make a live voice service using his platform on stage.

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    Michiel Cremers

    Michiel (House of Music) worked on sonic branding for over 10 years. He shares some of the similarities between sonic branding and voice and how you can benefit from it.

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    Max Amordeluso

    Max (Amazon) shared Amazon Alexa's lessons and gives guidance on how to create good voice services.

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      The event inspired the following articles: Adformatie and Jasper de Vries

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