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Open Voice #01: Kickstart

The first Open Voice event kicked off a series of events on the subject of Voice interfaces. The following speakers presented:

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    Lara Ankersmit

    The leading Dutch news organization is actively researching and creating Voice prototypes. Lara shares how they go about it.

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    Daniël Sytsma

    Beverage company Diageo, known for brands like Johnny Walker, Guinness and Smirnoff, was among the first to experiment with Voice. Daniël (Studio Kraftwerk) tells how they approached the project and went about creating the service.

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    Jeroen de Bakker

    Talpa Radio sees voice as a new key channel. They expect that a significant part of their audience will use the voice platforms to listen to their radio stations. Jeroen explains how they formed a Voice strategy and with what kind of products.

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    Ben Sauer

    When someone has worked with the teams of Google, Amazon and numerous organizations to design voice and other innovative services you are sure that they have something to share and teach. Ben was rated best speaker.

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